Rental69 is an online social network platform based on trust where people publish, share and book items and services around the world, using a smartphone or electronic device.

  1. Go to rent69
  2. Use the loop to write the items that you are interested in, (E.G. Tent)
  3. Click on Search!
  4. All the items available will be displayed in the left part you can see pictures, details and in the right part you can see the location!
    • You will see where the item is located (Please check if the location is compatible to yours) We are a global community!
    • You can check the availability by date (From - To)
  5. You can search by category
    • Automotive
    • House
    • Boats
    • Sport & Recreation
    • Social Events
    • Other (any not listed in previous categories)
  6. How much does it cost? You can adjust the price scrollbar (from 1€ to 500€)
  7. Do you have questions about renter You can:
    • Send message or visit their profile
    • Review all comments.
    • Check the rating from user.
  8. If you are interested in renting this item, please select your rental dates and press Rent now!
  9. A rental confirmation information will be display: Check that all information is correct!
  10. Everything is OK Pay now a small percentage of the total amount. The rest will be paid on the booking date selected!
  11. Pay using Paypal or Credit Card.
  12. One email will be sent to both parts with contact details to set an appointment to deliver the item & final payment!
  13. WELL DONE! Your item is ready to be collected!
  14. Once you deliver your item back or your activity took place ... an email will be sent to rate renter/organizer & get ready for the next Time!
  15. Happy Renting!

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